Simple Solutions

Many times clients have complex problems which sometimes can be solved with simple solutions.  Sometimes the best course is to stay the course and sometimes just a minor change in a business model can result in big profits.  When Amerigold examines a business model, Amerigold develops solutions based on the lowest risk that provides the highest rate of return. Many times that means we advise the client to not commit more capital.  Since Amerigold is about developing long term business relationships, Amerigold isn't concerned about a one time commission, appraisal or consultation check. Amerigold is not a one trick pony. Amerigold is focused on making our clients more successful.  Amerigold understands that the more successful the client becomes, the more successful Amerigold becomes.

Most business owners are overwhelmed by the multitude of tasks required to maintain their going concerns and simple solutions are often overlooked.  Simple solutions might involve what Amerigold regards as "environmental changes" where the presentation of a good or service results in higher sales. Sometimes changing the colors affiliated with a business enhances sales.  Going concerns can also be enhanced with a new tagline, a new logo or inexpensive marketing campaigns. These are all inexpensive ways to enhance a going concern without having to commit a lot of capital.

Many problems that appear complex can be solved with a simple change. As an example, successful restaurants sometimes have problems turning their tables fast enough and have more business than they can handle. Many times diners will continue to sit and chat even after they are finished with their meal.  Instead of having to move to larger facilities and commit millions of dollars in capital and taking on more risk, first Amerigold suggests a business operator should try to maximize the existing going concern at the existing location.

A simple solution could be an environmental change. How about turning down the heat in the winter and using less air conditioning in the summer. Instead of having the thermostat set to a constant temperature of 72 degrees, maybe 74 or 76 degrees is better in Summer and 68 or 70 in Winter.  Everyday change the temperature by one degree and beta test the idea.  After a customer is finished with their meal, they might want to leave faster if they are just a little uncomfortable.  And the business owner saves money on their utility bill at the same time. This is a simple solution that costs nothing to try.  A second idea is to change out chairs to less comfortable ones, however, this is a more expensive idea that Amerigold wouldn't immediately suggest. 

Simple solutions can also involve music. Music can make us happy, aggressive, passive and even sad.  Music can be used to enhance a mood or change a mood.  Music can be played based on the customer profile, which is the demographic that uses a particular good or service.  However, if the wrong music is played, then this environmental change can have a negative affect.  Music in elevators is played to keep people calm, yet at sporting events, music is used to create more excitement. The implementation of music should be carefully considered.

Just like with music, simple solutions can also involve changing color themes. Colors can make us happy, aggressive, passive and even sad.  Colors can be used to enhance a mood or change a mood. Colors can be applied be played based on the customer profile. However, if the wrong color is used, then this environmental change can have a negative affect. The implementation of colors should also be carefully considered.

"Environmental changes" should always be carefully implemented and always beta tested.  Amerigold never suggests "complete make overs" as this type of change has a higher degree of risk.

In general, consumers will tend to spend more money when they are happy, less when they are sad, and little or nothing when they are angry.  Marketing can be very complex, however, consumerism is very simple. If you want to lose a customer forever, just make them angry, and if you want them back, then make them happy.  This is why Disneyland says they are "the happiest place on earth".

It should be understood that at Amerigold, we are not going concern marketing specialists, however, we offer simple solutions at little or no charge before we suggest that a client spend a lot of capital on a new or enhanced venture. At Amerigold we believe that all business and real estate decisions should always be based on risk and return.  We advise our clients to beta test every Amerigold marketing suggestion prior to committing to sweeping changes and large amounts of capital.  This web page is dedicated to developing simple solutions, and that is all Amerigold is suggesting herein. At Amerigold we recognize our own strengths and weaknesses, and sometimes we advise the client to seek consultations elsewhere.