Partial List of Clients


The Honorable Robert I. Weil, Judge Of The Los Angeles Superior Court, Retired; The Law Offices Robert P. Des Jardins; The Law Offices Of Don Rinaldi; The Law Offices Of Bisno And Samberg; The Law Offices Of Seastrom And Fisher; The Law Offices Of Arnold L. Faber; The Law Offices Of Harry P. Seese; The Law Offices Of James Tam; The Law Offices Of Daniel J. Doonan; The Law Offices Of Crawford And Bangs; The Law Offices Of Ritchie, Klinkert And McCallion; The Law Offices Of Harvey M. Payne; The Law Offices Of Covington And Crowe; The Law Offices Of George W. Collins, Inc; The Law Offices Of J. Cranor Richter; The Law Offices Of Milner, Uriarte And Lorch; The Law Offices Of Harold Greene; The Law Offices Of Bentley And McGreal; The Law Offices Of Carol Crowe; The Law Offices Of Jarintom Tanatchasai; The Law Offices Of Peter M. Wucetich; The Law Offices Of Cummins And White; The Law Offices Of Brandon And Hilton; The Law Offices Of Jung And Schlosberg; The Law Offices Of David Kalish; The Law Offices Of James A. Hayes; The Law Offices Of Gary Keany; The Law Offices Of Tom White; The Law Offices Of Merle Francis



The City Of Covina; The City Of Azusa; The City Of Duarte; The City Of South Pasadena; Inter-Community Medical Center; Queen Of The Valley Hospital; Citrus Valley Health Partners; Pepperdine University, The University of La Verne, Frisco Bakery, KRUZ Radio, In-N-Out Burger



ABQ, Accubanc Mortgage; Admiral Mortgage Company, All Coast Financial; All Valley Federal Savings and Loan; American Mortgage; Amerimac; Ameristar; Anpex Financial Investment Company; Ase Financial; A.S.L. (Advanced Savings and Loan); Associates Financial Services; AVR Financial; Atlantic Financial Services; Bancamerica Sutter Corp.; Bank United Of Texas; Best World Mortgage; Bishop Capital; Brand Investments; Brookside Savings; California Capital; California First Bank; California Mortgage Loan; California Professional Savings; Cal-Comp Financial; Cal Land Group;  Cal-Met Financial; Castlewood Mortgage; Centurion Savings and Loan; Century City Savings; Chemex Relocation; City Federal Mortgage; City National Bank; Classic Financial; Coldwell Banker Relocation; Concor Financial; Inc.; CTX Mortgage; Delson Financial; Empire of America; Empire Bank; Encino Savings and Loan; Financial Savings; First Federal of San Gabriel Valley; First Federal of Santa Monica; First Galaxy Mortgage; First Security Savings Bank; Foothill Independent Bank; Fosters Mortgage; Fremont Investment And Loan; Funders Mortgage; Galaxy Mortgage; Glen Fed Mortgage; G.N. Mortgage; Good News Financial; G.W.A. Mortgage Bankers; Guaranty Bank Of California; Great Western Bank; Guardian Savings and Loan; Haifa Corporation; Harvard Credit Corp.; Hawthorne Savings And Loan; Heritage Mortgage; Home Federal; Howard Relocation; Imco Financial; Imperial Thrift And Loan; Investors Thrift And Loan; Irvine City Savings; Itech Group; Kingsky Incorporated; Lexus Mortgage; Loan America; Loan Perfect; Lender's Service, Inc.; Malibu Savings and Loan; Marina Mortgage; Maritime Mortgage; Maxwealth Financial; Mercury Savings and Loan; Meritor Credit Corporation; Meritor Mortgage Corporation; Merrill Lynch Financial Services; Metro City Mortgage; NA Bancorp; National Home Mortgage; National Mortgage Investors; Nestle Relocation; North American Mortgage; Occidental Mortgage; Pacific Thrift And Loan; Pacific Western National Bank, PFG Mortgage; Piccard Financial; Platinum Mortgage; Plaza Savings and Loan; Presidential Mortgage; Priority Funding; Prudential Relocation; Prudential Asset Recovery; Remax Relocation; Renet Financial; Robbins Financial; Santa Barbara Savings and Loan; Sierra Mortgage; S. & L. Mortgage; Sperry Van Ness Investments; Super Lending; Sutter Trust Company; Talbert Financial; Team Financial; The August Group; TRW Financial Services; Unica Mortgage; Union Bank; United California Savings Bank; United Savings Bank; United Commercial Bank, Universal Financial Services; U.S. Bancorp; U.S. One Mortgage; Wesav Mortgage Corp.; Westco Savings Bank; Western Bank; Western Federal Savings and Loan; Western Financial Services, Western State Bank; World Savings and Loan