Kim Kearney


I was raised by a university professor, and I was always taught to achieve high educational goals.  In 1979, while completing my bachelor’s degree, I became a real estate appraiser’s research analyst.  Immediately, I knew my life path and true love, and I have been married to real estate for the last 33 years. As an independent businesswoman, I met challenges that required me to stand out from the crowd. I knew being young and female in a male dominated industry would be a difficult task, and I realized that in order to compete I would need to earn many accolades. After earning my Bachelor of Science in Finance and Real Estate, I went on to obtain my Masters in Business Administration and Finance. I became a member of The Appraisal Institute and obtained an MAI designation. I also obtained my California Real Estate Broker’s license and have been active in sales and leasing for more than two decades. 

I met John Aube in 1994 and we have worked together on a contractual basis ever since.  I have always retained my independence and John and I have frequently worked on joint projects over the last 18 years.  I joined Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) and I served as President of the Los Angeles Chapter. I have spoken at meetings and conventions for the National Association of Realtors and the California Association of Realtors. I have declined the opportunity to become a university professor as my true love is working with clients and friends in real estate.