Daniel J. Koenn

I am the son of a Mexican mother and a German father.  I was raised in a disciplined household, and was taught that a man is only as good as his word.  As I was growing up, I was busy with church functions and playing sports. 

In 1985, during my freshman year in college, I started as an appraiser intern primarily performing real estate research. I met John Aube' in 1985. I was there on day one when American Research and Appraisal first opened its doors in March 1986. I was excited, as I was 19 years old and assisting the growth of a new company. I immediately liked John because he was willing take me on as an independent fee appraiser even though I was only 19. Under his supervision and guidance, I began doing single family appraisals. I was proud and grateful that I was given such a great opportunity and great amount of responsibility at such a young age. I was also grateful that I had the flexibility I needed while attending Long Beach State University. While at American, John also taught me how to appraise condominiums, Planned Unit Developments and 2-4 residential units. John was a great teacher. He was gracious enough to impart his knowledge, however, a new opportunity arose.

In the 1980s, appraisers were in high demand. In 1987, while I was appraising a house for American Research in Rancho Cucamonga, a new opportunity fell in my lap.  While standing in front of the subject property, a man drove up and gave me his card. Mike Sanders was the branch manager for TRW Real Estate Loan Services.  He needed a residential appraiser, and though I didn't want to leave American, it was a great opportunity that I just couldn't pass up. I worked at TRW for six years as an in house appraiser and I also became a review appraiser. In 1989 while working for TRW, I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Long Beach State. I left TRW in 1993 and became an independent fee appraiser again. As an independent fee appraiser, I worked for most of the major lenders in Southern California. I always remained on good terms with John and started doing contract appraisal work with John again. Even now, I work with John on special projects as an independent fee appraiser.  

I have provided appraisal services throughout the area for over 26 years and have appraised thousands of properties. I have extensive first hand knowledge of the general market conditions and real estate trends in the area from the objective position of an independent valuation expert.

Covering many of the areas in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties, I have extensive knowledge of the areas I cover, as well as their corresponding markets. In addition to providing appraisal services for the lender community, I also provide consulting  services to a variety of professionals including attorneys, accountants, estate planning consultants, etc.   

In October of 2007, I was approached by Charles Karich of South Hills Properties to assist in the management of his growing inventory of REO properties he was managing for various lenders. In August of 2008, I was promoted to the on site office manager of South Hills Properties. Under the direction of the broker, I was responsible for the pricing of all inventory from 2008-2011 for South Hills Properties. In 2008, South Hills Properties sold 298 properties for over $98,000,000 in sales, and in 2009, South Hills Properties sold 360 properties for over $95,000,000 in sales volume. In 2010, South Hills Properties sold 213 Properties for over $53,000,000 in sales volume. In 2011, South Hills Properties sold 168 Properties for over $42,000,000 in sales volume.

In the last 4 years, I took on additional other responsibilities. Besides my work with Mr. Karich, I was also doing appraisal work for institutional clients that include, but are not limited to, US Bank and Union Bank. My experience over the past 4 years working directly with an active real estate office has provided me with a wealth of knowledge only a handful of appraisers can match. I have worked as a review appraiser and have also been in the position to review appraisals that come through the real estate office.

I believe that content matters in an appraisal. My reports get to the point, are performed in accordance with USPAP, and are written to communicate with any reader of the report.