Amerigold Group  consultation services are customized to meet the client’s unique objectives in their real estate investments and going concerns.  We listen to your request and tailor our services in the design of a master plan that best suits your goals.  Our approach is simple, first, the client communicates their objective, then we analyze how best that objective can be achieved. We do not take a one-size fits all approach. This is a one of a kind consultation service where the goal is to determine how best to optimize the client’s going concern and real estate interests, including services such as buy/lease comparisons, lease renegotiation versus relocation, and other analyses and marketing strategies that leverage our market intelligence from having analyzed thousands of leases and sales.  Amerigold has been involved in over 250 billion dollars in real estate related services specializing in the Southern California marketplace.  Our clients profit from the insights that more than 115 years of combined real estate experience provides.

We listen to our client’s objective and tailor a specific real estate investment plan to meet their goals.   We strive to make our clients successful.  We value the development of long term relationships over a fleeting commission check.  Many times we are contacted with a request to look at one investment facet, and then we find that by examining a symphony of facets a diamond is revealed that the client did not know they had. 

In many large real estate sales firms the clients become just another number where the staff is trained for sales instead of an objective analysis. These firms lead you down their road, instead Amerigold assists you down your road.  While big brokerage firms have you interfacing with young inexperienced sales people, at Amerigold you consult directly with the seasoned brain trust.

For larger companies and institutions, we tailor our service to support your in-house real estate specialists.  We work together with your existing real estate staff as contract support or we can be your contract real estate staff.  Whatever the real estate or investment need, we have the support service specifically designed to meet your request.  

As consultants, we have assisted clients like the University of La Verne in the redesign of existing campuses and future expansion plans.  Sometimes solutions are unique, but simple, and other times it requires the examination of the client’s entire business model. Not only do we provide real estate valuation services but the clients benefit from our business consultation insights.  USPAP requires appraisal reports to be objective, but in business consultation and investment analysis, our service is one of advocacy. We would be glad to personally sit down with your staff for a free consultation.  Our goal is to help your firm meet your real estate and business objectives.  Our name depicts the American dream, by combining the unique qualities of the American entrepreneur with the objective of going for the gold.